I’m an animator living in Montreal, Canada. My areas of expertise are motion graphics, broadcast design, compositing and visual effects.

I came to a realization in recent years that the world around us is something so expressive and so exciting. I was sold on the tiniest details in its dynamic qualities. As vibrant as they are, as colourful and so full of imaginative energy as they are, I wanted nothing less than to create images from nothing that could communicate such inspiring liveliness.

So I followed some creative impulses and began learning visual language and delving deep into design. I yearned to elevate my storytelling and take my work to the next level. Soon, I found my place and was enthusiastically animating for children’s television. Production companies invited me onboard to design eye-catching motion graphics and visual effects, to key green screens, to composite visuals and colour correct final looks in television series broadcasted across the country. Fast forward to today, and I continue to push on learning and discovering new ways of immersing viewers.

I’m a mix of creative and highly attentive to detail perfectionist. I love beautiful things, my work and play are highly intertwined and I’m an unreasonable lover of doing cool stuff. Please feel free to get in touch should you be interested in working with me.